Buy Orders and "The Big Cash Out"

After yesterday’s deluge of posts I finally had some time to get in game last night. It was a fairly uneventful evening with a few minor housekeeping items to attend to.

I had a BPO in research 14 jumps away that had finished, so I trucked on out there to pick it up. While out there I did some scanning and found a nice Gurista’s Den without too much trouble. Last week I had been reading alot about the new scanning system, so I decided to pick up the Astrometrics skill and a Core Probe Launcher. It took me the better part of an hour to figure out that the Core Probe Launcher uses probes and not drones. *facepalm* Ugh. Anyways, once I finally got that all sorted out I un-docked and started up my first scan. In about an hour (yes, it took me that long) I had found a nice, shiny new highsec wormhole. The whole concept of W-space was still a bit new to me, and clearly it still is, but when I went through the wormhole I fully expected to be stuck somewhere and ganked by a fleet of pirates. Needless to say none of that happened, but I was scared enough that my first stint in W-space lasted a mere 30 seconds.

Anyways, back on track…that Gurista’s Den from last night. It yielded a good hour or so of action with lots of great salvage. After burning 4.5 million ISK on the Eidectic Memory skill book last week I was pretty much broke, so I was glad to finally have something worth cashing in. Freddy is at around 1.2 million skill points, so I only have ~400,000 more sp until my 100% training time bonus runs out. I want to get my Learning skills mostly completed by then so I have been frantically trying to drum up some ISK to purchase the Logic skill book…for another cool 4.5 million.

Once I was finally done with those pesky Guristas I headed for home. While I was going through the mundane ‘Select Stargate, Warp to zero km, Warp’ rinse & repeat repetition for the 14 hops back home I started tallying my loot and doing some calculations on its street value. I hadn’t been paying too much attention but I had amassed nearly 30 Tripped Power Circuits. At around 42k ISK each, that was a good chunk of cash! At least for this newbie anyways.

When I finally arrived back at the Rapid Assembly Plant I call home I noticed that the petition for my missing 6,000 units of Kernite had been answered and there it was sitting in my Cargo Bay. Hot damn the stars were sure aligning for me tonight! If things continued at this pace I may have my Logic book in no time flat. Now the only thing I dreaded was being able to sell all my stuff in a reasonable time frame. In the past it has taken me several days to move even a few meager units of my salvaged items. Not to be deterred I fired up the Market window and got to work.

As is usually the case in my little system, the majority of goods are moved through the nearby Caldari Naval Assembly Plant two jumps away. As I was looking at all the numbers my eyes were drawn to the ‘Buy Ordres’ pane in the lower half of the Market window. Now I had read about these before, but never really put two-and-two together. I always thought the buy orders were asking for prices well below normal market value. To my surprise, however, there were a vast majority of orders with (what seemed at least) reasonable prices. My eyes again were seeing dollar signs, so I unpacked my trusty ‘Convoy I’ badger and loaded her up. I ended up having to make two trips to get all of my Kernite ferried across, but in about 10 minutes I was all setup at the Assembly Plant and was ready to start cashing out.

The final piece of the puzzle that I was still missing had to do with actually executing the buy orders. I assumed there was a way to say ‘Hey, I want to fulfill your order with X number of units’. So following my mantra, again, I right-clicked. Nothing. Great, here I was with all this stuff burning holes in my pockets, my mantra had failed me, and I can’t figure out how to exercise a simple buy order. I fumbled around a bit more. Eventually I realize that all a buy order actually does is, if you place your items up for sale at their said price, will immediately purchase your goods, up until the buy order quota is fulfilled. After I right-clicked my item to sell and clicked the ‘Advanced’ button on the proceeding dialog the ‘Sell Price’ was pre-populated to the highest buy order for that item in the current station. Perfect!! Now if only someone had told me that simple step before. I probably just missed it in the tutorial, oh well.

Finally it was time for “The Big Cash Out”. After selling all the merchandise my ‘Convoy I’ could carry my bank account had swelled to nearly 9 million ISK! Nearly tripling the most I had ever seen before. Here was my transaction log after all was said and done:

Cash Out

The Big Cash Out

I felt that wasn’t a bad haul for a night. I was well over my needed 4.5 million ISK for my Logic skill book so all that was left to do was purchase it, pick it up, and queue up the skills. I trucked it back 2 hops to home base since right next door to my Rapid Assembly Plant is a Science and Research Station that sells skill books in abundance. Being that it was getting late and the ‘wife-aggro meter'(tm) was raising quickly I figured it was time to call it a night.

Again, not much for you veterans out there, but for this newb is was a pretty productive night in space.


2 Responses to Buy Orders and "The Big Cash Out"

  1. Wilhelm2451 says:

    Are alloyed tritanium bars going for only 188K out your way, or did you just sell to the highest local buy order?

    They were good for 300K+ at one point by me, being an annoyingly rare salvage item and also being a key ingredient in the cargohold expanding rig that a lot of people want.

    • Facepalm says:

      First thanks for stopping by Wilhelm! I’ve been a big follower of your blog for awhile now. I really enjoy your writing, well done.

      Those alloyed tritanium bars average around 190k-210k ISK around my parts. I did indeed ‘settle’ for 188k since I needed the cash. I honestly don’t know a better way to check surrounding Region Market pricing other than heading on out and checking manually.

      I also don’t know much about rig manufacturing, and thus what rigs these salvage ingredients are for. Now that I’ve got my Learning skills at a place I’m happy with I’ll probably be a little bit more careful on market pricing and selling to the lowest bidder.

      Thanks again for the heads up Wilhelm.

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