Keep on truckin’

So it’s been a fairly slow few days for me in Eve. I’ve found a good amount of time to play, but for the most part I spend it sitting in an asteroid belt. It’s a great way to keep the bank account growing as I wait for my Hulk.

Yet I decided I should try running a few missions to increase my standings and security status. Unfortunately for me I’m currently in Gallante space and the majority of my good Agents are back in Caldari space. Regardless I decided to give it a shot.

I just recently purchased my first combat cruiser, a Caracal. I fitted her with a decent loadout found on BattleClinic and headed out to my only level II Agent in the system, quality -17.

My first experience with a level II mission was a great one. It was a simple ‘seek & destroy’ type, heavy on the destroy. When all was said and done it had taken me a good part of half an hour to clear the pirates, roughly 40 of them. My Caracal, ‘Hammer I’, performed marvelously! With barely a scratch on her I decided to pick up the pieces and then head back to retrieve my salvaging Destroyer.

The entire experience netted me just shy of 750k ISK, not included the salvage, which was heavy. Pretty good for about an hours worth of work. Nothing compared to what I can generate when I’m solely focused on mining, but still good. Plus it was a helluva lot more fun!

As I’ve been examining my training path (there’s lots to think about while you mine on endlessly) I’ve discovered that I’m roughly 30 days from my mining Hulk.

Mining Hulk Training

Mining Hulk Training

I’m also about 30 days away from flying a stealth bomber.

Stealth Bomber Training

Stealth Bomber Training

Since I’ve been attempting to join a very good Corporation as of late, if they feel I’d be more useful to them flying a bomber than flying a Hulk, it will be easy for me to switch over.

Either way it’s pretty much more of the same. I’ll continue to suck on those asteroids and hopefully get distracted from time to time. Feel free to say Hi if you’re flying by…


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