How to start an Alt in EVE Online

Update: I’ve posted an updated version of the post below. You can find it here.

Well it seems my Alt-itus has gotten the better of me. I’ve decided that Freddy needs a good buddy to help him out in New Eden and to allow myself a little more flexibility in the training department.

I’ve read that nearly every veteran player has at least 2 accounts, some with upwards of 8 or more, crazy! I think the need and help of another Capsuleer in space, plus the enjoyment of playing two characters simultaneously, is too great for me not to try, especially since I am currently only a solo player.

I’m worried that having an Alt sounds like a good thing for now, but then their usefulness fades and you’re left with another account that your paying for each month with no real need. I’ve followed Wilhelm’s account of his Alt Reynaldo Fabulous over on The Ancient Gaming Noob and unfortunately Reynaldo didn’t end up making the cut in the end for that very reason. I guess I’ll just have to try it out for myself.

My main motivation is to help Freddy as he mines away in space. I would love a hauler so that I don’t have to continually swap out my Retriever for my Badger II every 30 minutes or so. This is by far the biggest efficiency killer of my current setup. It would also be nice to have a salvager right there along side me as I run missions without having to go back to base and pick up my Destroyer for salvage duty. This would greatly speed things up in that aspect as well.

So as I began looking at how to properly setup a new EVE Alt I figured I’d write down what I discovered. Hopefully this will help anyone else who might also be interested and highlight the issues I expereienced.

1) If you currently have a paid subscription you can get a pretty good deal by using the EVE Bring in a Buddy program. You do this by logging into your account on the EVE Onling website and then emailing yourself a link for a 21-day free trial (the standard free-trial is only 14 days long). If you eventually subscribe with this trial account, your original account gets 30 days of free play time.
Using the 21 days is a great way to get your learning and core skillsets up to par. The problem is that you cannot play a trial account and a paid account at the same time on the same computer. Add that to the fact that trial accounts cannot use contracts, it becomes difficult to set up your Alt with all the necessary skillbooks and ISK from your main character without getting another player involved or having to use two computers.

2) Read this great guide for getting a new Alts’ Learning and Core skills up to par so that they have basic competency in a good number of areas. There is also this good article which offers the best Learning skill training schedule. It will take about 7 to 10 days to get everything in the acceptable range, but it’s time well spent.

3) Hauling skills cannot be trained on trial accounts. My first thought was to spend the few hours necessary to get my Alt trained in Caldari Industrial I so he could immediately begin hauling for me, but as I discovered you cannot train this skill on trial accounts, so just FYI. There are a few other skills out there with the same restrictions, but I don’t remember what they are off the top of my head.

4) An EVE account must be active for 72 hours before you can request a Limited API key. I originally wanted to create my Alt and get a few good skill path options laid out in EVEMon before decided on ‘The One’, but I then discovered that I had to wait 3 days before I could get access to an API key and thus EVEMon’s functionality. Again, just FYI.

5) Go through all the tutorials and initial career path missions. This is a great way to get some free skillsbooks, gear, ships, ISK and standing, plus it only takes a couple hours at most. This only applies if you need the help of free skills and gear, if your main character can bank roll your Alt, then don’t bother unless you want the small amount of standing the missions offer.

The point that I am not quite clear over is what happens when you decide to purchase your account half way through your trial period. Do you immediately begin paying for your subscription or does CCP let your trial period finish before billing you? If it is the latter, then you can easily avoid nearly all the problems I pointed out above by simply signing up for the trial and them immediately purchasing your new account. If it’s the latter, then I’d simply queue up all the Learning and Core skills you can in 21 days and wait till the very end to subscribe, the more free play time the better.

These thoughts are coming from a very new player himself (me), so please take everything with a grain of salt as I’m sure there are many other better/different ways to go about starting a new Alt in EVE. I simply wanted to write about my experiences as they were so fresh in my mind from creating Chief Gibbs a couple days ago.

Please let me know what you think is important in starting a new EVE Alt and pass along any more good articles covering the subject. Thanks in advance!


8 Responses to How to start an Alt in EVE Online

  1. Cyberin says:

    when you pay to activate your trial, you have to pay immediately…but you do get to keep the remaining trial days. So if you have 10 days left, and subscribe for 30, you will pay for it right there…but won’t have to worry about paying again for 40 days total.

  2. You are able to get a characters XML from the website and import that into EVEmon. That will allow to you to get started.

  3. Facepalm says:

    Thanks so much for the clarifications guys, I appreciate the helpful advice alot!

  4. D3F4ULT says:

    Good read, I have 3 accounts going currently. My main can fly Freighter, Orca, Hulk and anything up to a Battleship for Gallente.

    My two alts, First one I started last month and it can fly up to a Battleship, but I’m now training it to mine in a Hulk. and my third account, I just started a week ago. This to is going to fly a Hulk. I like mining, it’s enjoyable to me, easy, and laid back. =]

    Many people may say that PvP and PvE is the way to go, but honestly I tried it, I’ve went Pirating and killed a few ships, even took down a 4 year old pilot with a one month account. It’s to frustrating to me to deal with and manage by typing and trying to coordinate with my fleet and trying to spar with the opponent. I like to do some reading, Class work, or just watch a movie on my other monitor while mining. All the same time I’m making isk.

    =] I’ve been on both sides and I do enjoy the Industrial more. With Tri-Hulk mining it’s going to be intense for me lol I love dealing with markets. But, I was looking up things for Alts on EVE and ran into this article, I will def. Keep your blogs bookmarked for future reads. =] I like to see how other people play.

  5. Justin says:

    Thanks for the info. I have a 7m sp main toon, but like a good addict I’m considering starting up an indy alt. I passed on “the power of two” deal, but your article helped me realize that I can just sign up a “buddy”, heh heh. Thx!

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