Slow Return

Though I am still without employment (not for lack of trying!) I am finding a little more time to return to New Eden. One of the things I’ve always liked about EVE was the fact that even if you cannot log in, your character may advance. Since I have been gone for nearly 2 months I queued up my skills for flying a Hulk, and as of last week they all completed! I have passed over 6.5 million Skill Points, and my lowly clone is only able to handle 4.8 million, so I need to rectify that soon.

The one problem I knew was coming, but I chose to ignore anyways, was funding such a behemoth. When I finally logged in I had just over $50 million ISK, peanuts compared to flying and outfitting a Hulk and it’s skills. So I hit the rocks with my trusty ol’ Retriever and after a week of mining and the few Level II missions I was sitting at around $80 million ISK. I guess I’m not the most efficient money making machine, but I get by. I discovered some dusty implants lying in my hangar, imagine my surprise when I saw that their combined market value was $20 million ISK! I was able to sell them last night and that put me over the top for purchasing my ORE Exhumer.

I’ve been reading alot recently about Hi-Sec Hulk suicide gank fleets. This has made me more than uneasy as once I’ve finished outfitting my hulk I am all but broke. Also, since the Hulk is a Tech II ship the insurance coverage is little to nothing. So I’ve decided that I will stick to mining mission rooms. I’ve found quite a few rather large areas that take a good amount of time for this solo miner to clear. I just wish I had another account (I had to cancel my trial account for obvious reasons) because the Hulk is just so slooooow it takes me forever to navigate around from asteroid cluster to asteroid cluster.

Anyways, here is the fit I went with. I chose a pair of Expanded Cargohold II’s over the MLU’s since I’m acting as my own hauler effectively. The tank isn’t anything to write home about, but I would love any help or suggestions.

Next on my skill queue are the prerequisites of Hacking and Archeology, I’m about 8 total days away from them, then hopefully I can try my hand at that. PvP is still a bit of a gray area for me, so hopefully I’ll get to that at some point to.

When (not if!) I am re-employed I’m sure I’ll have much more to report! Thank you again for all the support, the outreach has been tremendous!


4 Responses to Slow Return

  1. Escoce says:

    There were two things that Hulkaggedon succeeded in doing.

    1) provide a lot of fun for the pirate gankers

    2) showed people like you that you need to stop believing you are safe in high sec.

    Yes you are safe(r), but you are not safe. If you fit your hulk for maximum production or maximum cargo hold (very good reasons for fitting that way), understand you leave yourself extremely vulnerable. If you fit that way, make sure you are in a very large group so that if one of you looses your hulk, the proceeds from mining from that one operation will cover the loss of a ship or two.

    Otherwise, you should fit your ship to escape. It’s always risk vs reward. Lots of reward for fitting your ship for max production, but you are at much higher risk. Give up a tiny bit of production or cargo hold for things like a Cloak, Warp Stabalizer or two, or an Interia Stabalizer. Thing that help you get out faster. Cargo Expanders and Cargo Optimization Rigs will slow your ship down and increase the changes of you loosing your ship.

    So what’s more important to you, max production or max safety? Which costs more which rewards more, which has the most and least risk? Doesn’t help if you can pullin in mega-millions isk an hour mining velspar if you loose your ship, modules and rigs, and maybe even your implants.

    I’d love to fly my freighter in Low Sec, but I don’t. I fly my buff occator. Takes 20+ trips instead of just one for the same haul, but I will be alive and intact with my ship, my cargo and my implants.

    Good luck, fly safe or fly reckless, but whatever you do, have fun.

  2. Facepalm says:

    Thanks for the comment and the insight. I have changed my Hulk fit accordingly as per a few other suggestions I received on my linked loadout.

    I never assumed Hi-sec was completely safe, just safer than Low-sec, etc.. I was more nervous simply because I’m so new and know little on how to effectively fit a Hulk (or any other ship for that matter) to withstand Pirates/Gankers. Since I fly mainly solo, the knowledge I gain is mostly from posts & comments like this one.

    Thanks again for the comment!

  3. Escoce says:

    Make books marks to the asteroid field, unless of course you are using mission asteroids.

    Place yourself on the outside of the asteroid field, it will put your farther from the warp in point. Align yourself to a station so you don’t have to turn to go to warp. If you see someone warp in and warp right out, then GET OUT…there is a good chance they have bookmarked the asteroid fields themself and just needed to see which one to use to get closest to you. Check your directional scanner. If you see Probes then good chance someone is looking to warp right on top of you. If you really like mining, then find a secluded system. Even lowsec is perfectly safe if you are alone in the system.

  4. Facepalm says:

    Thanks again for the great advice! One question about the directional scanner, what is a rule of thumb for the distance threshold? I’m assuming a 360 degree scan. Great stuff!!

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