To Boldly Go

I apologize for the overused, ‘Star Trek’y saying…but my title creativity seems to have left me for the moment.

During my past week in New Eden I spent the time mostly running missions and, when appropriate, mining those mission rooms containing excessive amounts of Veldspar. It was mostly slow going as my newly minted & fitted Hulk crawls along so slowly. It usually takes me longer to get to the asteroid field than it does to fill up my 180,000 m3 hold, such is the life of the miner I guess. Either way with the generated ISK I’ve been able to buy and fully outfit my Hulk & a new Passive Tank Drake. I’ve been eying a new Drake because I’ve been getting close to level III missions and I need something a little tougher than my trusty Caracal. Well, finally on Friday I passed the needed 4.0 corp standing to enable my level III, quality 0 agent. I was pretty excited and jetted to Jita to make my big Drake purchase. Once that was complete I even outfitted it with a cloaking device…because I could and I had an empty slot.

When I returned to my ‘home’ station my new agent simply ignored me. I asked in local if anyone could help me figure out the problem, since I was clearly above the required standing level. Finally someone said “when in doubt, relog” which I did…and which solved the problem. So for all you out there that might be in the same boat, make a note of that.

I’ve run about 5 level III missions so far, and though they are definitely tougher, the rewards in both ISK, loyalty points, loot & salvage don’t seem to be that much higher than my level II’s. Either way they are much more fun and I’ve even become stuck on my latest mission. The Drake handles & tanks marvelously even with my sub-par shield skills. I’m able to outfit it with mostly Tech II modules, but there are still a few lingering Tech I pieces. The problem mission requires me to kill a battleship with a pretty decent tank. Being that the Drake is a missile boat and my missiles skills are even worse than my tanking skills I just don’t have the DPS to bring her down. I can get the BS into structure, but that’s after about 5 reloads and every time I reload the shields fully recharge and it’s game over. Ah well, at least I know my limits and what to work on next!

Now in terms of boldly going somewhere, I also outfitted my Drake with a core probe launcher. When I first began my adventures in New Eden it was a month or two after Apocrypha and the scanning revamp. Some of my first trained skills had to do with scanning, and my first manufacturing job was to produce 80 core scanning probes. So clearly I’ve always enjoyed scanning, I just never had a huge use for it and thus I haven’t scanned in a long time. I’ll even confess that just this week I discovered the true use and power of the directional scanner. Anyways, I figured I’d give it another try with my Drake.

I started in a neighboring system to “Home” and within about 10 minutes I had found a wormhole that was only going to last another day, but had yet to be disturbed by ship traffic. After a minute or two of convincing myself, I finally jumped through not knowing what I’d find on the other side. Once the WH materialized I promptly bookmarked its location and engaged my new cloaking device. I then started scanning again, but I only found a couple of hits initially. Being that I was pretty nervous, and that this was only the second WH I’d ever been in, I decided to only focus on one site and then get back home. After another 5 minutes I had finally locked down a Gravimetric site, a.k.a – mining site. Again, after a little self pep-talk, I warped to within 25km so see what the site held. To my amazement there were some HUGE asteroids made of minerals I’d never heard of. I have no clue what ‘class’ this WH was, but it didn’t matter I guess, I was having a blast. Being that the WH was apparently empty I half intended to run back and grab my new Hulk to do some WH mining, but then I realized that I didn’t have the requisite ore processing skills to fit my Modulated Strip Miner II’s with the necessary crystals. Ah well, another day then I thought. So I warped back to the WH and jumped home.

So it was a fun week, though slow at times. Flying solo can be rewarding, but I have to make sure and keep myself motivated with goals and new experiences. Some day I’m sure I’ll be able to help a Corporation as I feel that is the way truly experience EVE Online!


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