New Eden Community College

I finally decided to send Freddy back to school. The easy part of that in EVE is you simply need to buy your skillbooks and inject them into your neural network…and then train for days to raise their skill level, but the setup is still pretty easy.

Recently I’ve noticed quite a few green checkboxes in my Character Pane Skill List. I’ve always meant to pick up a few skillbooks at a time whenever I’m in or near Jita, but I always tend to forget. So finally the other day I decided I’d bite the bullet and get it done with. So I turned on the trusty auto-pilot after setting a course to an Academic Station in a System near Jita. When I finally got there I noticed quite a few scammers trying to sell the skillbooks at huge prices. Skillbooks in general are sold by the NPC station itself for a set amount of ISK, so I was careful enough not to fall for any tricks.

I set some guidelines first, such as I would not buy any skills over half a million ISK, even with this stipulation there were quite a few skillbooks I could purchase. When all was said and done I had spent roughly 5 million ISK and purchased over 20 skills. I was amazed at the price of some Science skills, I have probably 10 or more skills that I can learn, but each book costs near 30 million ISK. Perhaps someone can explain that one to me!

After I had injected all of my new skills I trained each one to level 1, just so that I would have basic competency in all the new areas. Granted there may be a few that I hardly ever use (like all the rigging skills?) but now I think I have a much more well-rounded skill exposure. Plus I can fit most things that I previously could not, so I felt it was well worth the trip. Freddy just past 6.9 million Skill Points, so I’m making steady progress.

Aside from the rampant skill training I also bought myself a new toy. I purchased a Heron Frigate for scanning. As I mentioned earlier I really enjoyed scanning, but hadn’t a need to really try it out recently. So, I bought and fully fit a Heron just for that purpose because it has a number of modifiers for increasing scan strength. I’m a week or so away from flying it’s Tech II counterpart, the Buzzard, but for now my Trusty ‘Explorer I’ is doing just fine.

I’ve actually been scanning my home system quite a bit recently. I’ve found all kinds of signature sites, such as hacking sites, salvage sites, Pirate rooms, etc.. One site in particular had me go through 3 or 4 heavily guarded Gurista rooms, and when I was finally through cleansing space of their infestation I received a popup saying I had intercepted their last transmission which was sent to another system. What the heck does that mean? I couldn’t find anything in my log or Journal that would have sent me to another system to track the message, so it must have just been for flavor. Perhaps someone knows what this was about and can fill me in.

I’ve also just finished raising a number of rare ore processing skills to level III, which allows me to fit their corresponding Tech I mining crystals to my Hulk fitted Modulated Strip Miner II’s. I will focus on getting the remaining ore processing skills once I’ve decided to finish up the 2 week training of Refining Efficiency V & Metallurgy IV. But for now I feel my mining skills are up to par for what I can reasonably encounter.

Finally I decided to queue up Electronic Upgrades V. I’ve wanted to do this skill for quite awhile and it was a toss up between that and Survey V. The former takes 8 days to train and the latter 4. However there are quite a few skills that rely on EU V, such as Hacking, Covert-ops, etc., whereas only one that relies on Survey V, Archaeology. I would like to get Hacking and Archaeology and then fit their corresponding Codebreaker and Analyzer modules to my new Heron. I’ve already found a few sites where I could have used both those skills. Ah well, I’ll get there in a couple weeks.

In the mean time I’m going to stick to scanning as that is quite enjoyable. I’m also still mission running & mining. I have quite a bit of work since I’ve spent around 150 million ISK in the last two weeks and my bank account is now hovering near zero. I’m still amazed I was able to purchase so much. Let the good times roll I guess, and kids…stay in school!


2 Responses to New Eden Community College

  1. iambeastx says:

    Hey, Thats an escalation site you received, check your mission journal for a new entry to go to.
    Hope it hasn’t de-escalated as they are valuable complexes.

    • Facepalm says:

      Thanks for the clarification! I thought it might have been something like that, but I didn’t see any entries in my Journal anywhere. Perhaps I was looking on the wrong tab? I will give it another look to make sure I didn’t miss it.

      Thanks again!

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