Band of Brothers

I apologize for the lack of posts of late, things have been pretty busy.

On the personal front, I’ve been making some good headway in the job hunt. I even have an offer or two, so that is always good! Hopefully now things will start getting back to normal!

In New Eden I’ve taken the big plunge and joined a Corporation! I’ve read in a number of places that EVE Online is truly only experienced once you’ve found a group of people to share your experience with…and by all accounts I think they were right.

The corporation I joined is full of mature, helpful people who want nothing more than to enjoy the game. The first thing that hit me was how much I truly didn’t know or didn’t learn about the game. I’ve spent nearly 6 months flying solo in Empire space and there is a TON of stuff you never run into. Thankfully, as I’ve said, this group of people has been very patient with me and always happy to answer my seemingly endless supply of basic questions.

We are mainly based out of Wormhole space (W-space or just WH space), so coupled with the fact that I know nearly nothing about Corporations, I know even less about Wormholes. Sure I’ve read many a blog on the subject, so I’m not totally clueless, but just about.

The Corporation is also a part of a larger Alliance, all filled with like-minded people interested in exploiting W-space and helping everyone out. So I couldn’t be happier with my time in New Eden right now. There is so much to experience, everything being totally new to me.

I can hopefully blog further on these new experiences. As I write this I am at a Sleeper site (a spawned Combat Site in W-space). I experienced my first one last night, and have now done 3 others. It’s a great way to spend the time. I’ve also done a wee bit of mining at a Gravametric site, though I need to increase my Ore Processing skills so I can use mining crystals to increase my yield.

The move into W-space was a tricky one. I had lots of stuff I wanted to bring in, namely my newly minted mining Hulk, so I had lots of logistical runs across space. I was eventually convinced that I should leave my expensive Hulk in Empire because the dangers in W-space are enormous. Thus I found myself purchasing a new Covetor and outfitting it with Tier 1 Strip Miners. It gets the job done, but not as well as my trusty Hulk. But it’s better to fly something you can replace than be broke and without a ship.

I have to say that the majority of my time is spent scanning. Luckily for me I invested a little time in my Astrometric skills early on, so I’m not totally in the dark as these are by far some of the most important skills to have in W-space. I am even a few days away from the Tier 2 Covert-Ops ship the Buzzard. It is specifically built for scanning, so I can’t wait until I’m up to speed on that ship.

I was just recently granted access to some storage space at our Corporate POS. Up until that point it’s been a little difficult to manage life in W-space, as I have lots of stuff I want to bring in to help, such as ammo and drones. Plus there was no place for me to stash my ore. But that’s all solved now so I think I can really sink my teeth into this whole Wormhole thing.

The funny thing is that I had never even joined a fleet up until I joined our Corporation. I haven’t been in too many since I joined, but it was a comical state of affairs during my first go at it. Lots & lots of questions. At least I’m starting to get the hang of it and am picking up alot of the acronyms. Our Alliance has a wiki which has been invaluable in getting up to speed. I feels great to be a part of something so organized and professional.

I’ll do my best to continue to blog about my new experiences. I just recently finished up my skills for Hacking (I’ve had the skillbook since day 1 of my time in New Eden) but I have yet to find a Radar site to use my newly bought Codebreaker 1. So just a ton of stuff to learn and experience and to anyone out there new to EVE, do yourself a favor and join a Corporation!


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