What will you be doing on Day 1 of Dominion?

Well the interwebs are abuzz today as CCP has officially launched the Website & Trailer for its upcoming free EVE Online Expansion: Dominion.

The trailer was very well done cinematically and the list of changes the site presents are numerous. It seems this expansion has been met with nothing but heated debate from all sides. I am in no way experienced enough to form my own opinions on the changes, since most will not affect me, but it’s hard not to notice when there are pages and pages of debate raging on even with only 5 days left until launch.

I think CCP is handling everything as well as they can. It doesn’t appear they will be pulling a Star Wars Galaxies update, introducing totally game changing updates without informing the players. On the other hand they aren’t giving in totally to a vocal player-base. They’re effectively saying “Hey! We’re the designers of this game and we’re pretty darn good at it too. We understand where you’re coming from, but put a little faith in us to deliver what we think is best for the game. We will continue to keep an open channel of communication and work with you to improve our designs and philosophies and make EVE a better place to be.” Sure there is always room for improvement and I think they’ve taken note of that and will continue to foster their relationship with the players.

So aside from all that, on to the topic of the post:

Personally, I’ll probably still be trying to figure out how it affects me. Thus business as usual…with they occasional planet flyby!


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