Things that go bump in the night

It was a fairly slow Sunday evening in New Eden yesterday. As the US Thanksgiving Day holiday was winding down there were quite a few still with family and friends in the real world, leaving us in space to fen for ourselves.

I was casually doing some scanning in our home wormhole while also watching Sunday Night Football here States-side. Our Alliance was chatting off and on about nothing in particular when I picked up a new Cosmic Anomaly on my scanners. I quickly scanned it down to 100% strength, while our Alliance Leader was kind enough to give me and a fellow member an overview on wormhole identification procedures. It was a great brief talk and I’m sure it cleared things up for us as we continue to learn the ropes of W-space.

An Alliance mate and myself decided to jump through this new WH and found that it dropped us into a Class IV system. We quickly scanned if anyone else was residing in this new system and found it totally devoid of player habitation. We did find, however, roughly 35 other sites. There were 25 Sleeper sites, a.k.a. – Combat sites, and 10 other sites, such as Ladar and Radar where you harvest Gas and Hack containers. The most I had ever seen at a time was 9 sites, most of which were other wormholes, thus this was quite exciting for us.

Being that there was only 2 of us, and that this was a C4 system, we decided to take on one of the weakest Sleeper sites…’weakest’ being a relative term. Typically we can handle most Sleeper sites in our home system solo when flying the right ship, but not tonight. The plan was for me to fly in first with my Drake, which had a fairly decent passive shield setup, and him to follow. He was attempting to run two accounts at once, thus flying two ships at the same time to provide more firepower for our little recon group. This didn’t end up working out, so it was just me in a Drake and he in a Raven.

The site contained 2 heavy hitting Sleeper Battleships. As I flew in with my Drake they immediately started knocking out my shields. The Raven eventually showed up and attempted to remotely repair my shields. Unfortunately for me the shield repair just couldn’t keep up with the Battleship firepower that was baring down on me and as I attempted to warp out to safety I got hung up on a structure and my trusty Drake of 2 months went down in a blaze of glory.

The Raven stuck around for as long as he could, but we were clearly outclassed by this difficult C4 system. I ran back and grabbed my trusty Caracal with which I was able to salvage my wrecked Drake and save about 9 components. I spent the rest of the night flying around buying a new Drake and all it’s proper fittings. Luckily for me I had a large amount of Sleeper loot to sell, so in the end I think I came out even in terms of ISK lost & gained, with the insurance payout and loot sold.

All in all it was a fun evening, though bitter sweet. All this experience is great for such a new pilot like my self and my Alliance mates are such great players for helping me learn the ropes. So for now the Sleepers of the C4 can claim victory, but I guess that’s payback for the past few days I’ve spent obliterating their lesser sites in our home WH. We’ll get them next time!


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