Home Sweet Home

Well, I’m happy to say I’m again flying in familiar space. No longer am I trapped within the confines of endless Wormholes having no way out. I’d like to say I found my own way out, that I scanned down an exit and flew home in victory, alas I cannot. Things ended about as quickly as they began. Thanks to fellow blogger Iambeastx I was sent packing to the clone vats in Jita. Here is his recount of my demise.

The day began just like the previous 4. I was in a Class 5 Wormhole with a single, static connection to another Class 5. I’ve been searching for days to find a connection close to home so that I could escape my prison of W-space. I found the newly spawned C5 connection and warped on through. I spent about 30 minutes scanning down sites in this new WH, finding two connections to Null space and another to a C5. I jumped into the C5 as I wanted to avoid Null space at all cost, plus both exits where 55+ jumps away from Jita. Upon landing in this new C5 I quickly found a new Class 6 connection and proceeded to jump.

As Iambeastx will attest, I am still pretty green to W-space as I failed to pick up his fleets’ Combat Probes. When this journey first began I would watch my Directional Scanner religiously, but as time wore on I began to lax more and more. I was now only checking it every 5 – 10 minutes, which is a big, big mistake. I was abruptly awakened by a familiar sound, though one I hadn’t heard in days. It was the sound of being targeted, I knew right away there was no way out. My Overview  immediately showed a fleet of pilots and I was quickly locked, jammed and obliterated.  I’m not sure I could have escaped even if I did detect my stalkers in time, but at least this should be another good lesson.

They say “That which doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger”, and also “Ignorance is Bliss”. Well EVE Online prescribes pretty heavily to the School of Hard Knocks and each lesson you learn in New Eden is usually a painful and costly one.

I’ve known all along that if I met a gruesome fate inside these wormholes that it would be a costly one. This didn’t really sink in until I was sitting in the Clone Bays in Jita. Now, I am a pretty meager Capsuleer, so my bank account is pretty small. I’ve also only ever been killed once before and never have I had my pod exploded. Here comes EVE’s ‘Tough Love’, I now remembered that when you’re pod goes pop, so do all your implants and skill points if you don’t have an adequate clone. Luckily for me my clone was properly up to date, however I barely had enough ISK to replace my trusty Drake and refit it with reasonable modules. They always say “Only fly what you can afford to replace” and I was able to, however I was not able to replace my implants. Luckily I had a few laying around from my earlier missions, but they are pretty basic. Granted the implants I did have were nothing special, but every little bit of attribute augmentation helps.

So there you have it. My Space Odyssey didn’t quite end as I had hoped, but it was still an invaluable experience that taught me plenty about how to survive in W-space. Now that I am back in Empire I will start the slow process of rebuilding my bank account and replacing my implants and picking up a few new skills. It looks like I will have to resort to mission running, but that’s okay, I’m just happy to finally be home!

And Beast, the bill’s in the mail!

Fly Safe!


5 Responses to Home Sweet Home

  1. iambeastx says:

    Ah man, you posted the experience much more eloquently than i did!

    Yea being podded is a harsh lesson (but if we didn’t pod you you’d have to do it anyway), i have been a few times on a roam with Agony PVP Basic class, but its a good lesson, as is using the ships you fly, i’ve lost my share and at first it smarts but from my point of view, randomly losing ships to sleepers or pilots is a fundamental part of eve.

    Good lessons for new pilots like us in this unforgiving universe.

  2. Facepalm says:


    I try my best to take everything in stride. Lessons learned are always good ones and they will help that much more the next time you are in a similar situation.

    I still have much to learn about the dangers of wormholes & space in general. Thanks again!

  3. iambeastx says:

    Lol stop thanking me!

    Glad to see you take it like i would.

    PS: Twitter is a decent way to get numbers up, as is some irc channels (but best be a regular there before spamming bloga etc)

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