10 Million Skill Points

Well Freddy Facepalm hit the 10 Million Skill Point mark over the weekend working on some Core skills. It’s seems he’s become a Jack-of-all-trades, not being great at any single one area, but dabbling in everything. He currently knows 177 skills, 17 of which are level 5. Here’s the quintessential skills pie-chart:

Freddy Facepalm's Skills

It’s taken Freddy almost 9 months to accomplish this milestone, but here he is nonetheless. Perhaps I should invest in some +4 implants and finish off some Learning skills to speed things up. Regardless, it’s been a fun trip so far…now if I could only find a solid way to utilize all these skills.


3 Responses to 10 Million Skill Points

  1. Chris says:

    Took me around the same time, wow im actually estatic to see your spaceship command so large, mines the same, except my missle launcher and gunnery are sweapped 🙂 and learning is smaller, i need to work on those damn learning skills….

    and ya the +4 set of implants is a must, just make sure its in a relatively safe location/jc

  2. Xeross says:

    Congratz on the 10m, seems you lack a little skill in gunnery though.

    And well for speedy training getting the traning skills up and getting +4 implants is a good idea (It’ll pay itself back after a while (In terms of time)), I also have +4 implants and I’m going to train my learning skills from now on.

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