What should I do?

So the Mrs. & I are heading out for the weekend. I’ll  begrudgingly be “off-the-grid” and away from EVE. It’s only for a few days, but I’ve really been craving my time in New Eden lately so it’ll be tough.

With that being said I have a few days open so I need to decide which skill to queue up while I’m away. I have a few Rank 1 skills that could be level 5 by the time I get back, but I’m not sure what the best choice will be. Below are some possible candidates, ranked by my thoughts of best possible long-term benefit:

  1. Drones
  2. Research
  3. Learning
  4. Repair Systems
  5. Navigation
  6. Warp Drive Operation
  7. Signature Analysis

I’m mainly a Caldari Pilot that lately has been flying level 4 missions. I would like to eventually branch out a little more into R&D thus why ‘Research’ is on the list. My Drones skills are extremely lacking and that seems to be the biggest gap right now, thus why it’s ranked #1.

There are 4 Sub-Learning skills that are Rank 1 which aren’t on the list, but could be if people think should. They are:

  1. Instant Recall (+1 Memory)
  2. Spatial Awareness (+1 Perception)
  3. Iron Will (+1 Willpower)
  4. Empathy (+1 Charisma)

I think my next big push is going to be into Gunnery and EVEMon has suggested I knock out a few Perception/Willpower Learning skills to help long term. I pretty much have all Learning skills to Level 4 (except 2 Rank 3’s) with only Analytical Mind at level 5.

I have heard many a time that the answer to skill training queue questions is: “Well it all depends, what do you do?” But I’d still like to hear your thoughts!


6 Responses to What should I do?

  1. mandrill says:

    Learning, always learning. The long term benefit is that the rest of your skills train quicker.

  2. Have to agree with mandrill.

    I was a little lazy with learning skills but eventually took Learning to V, the other learning skills to IV and the advanced learning skills to III. I guess there are some people that would take the advanced ones higher, but I wanted to learn some fun skills, dammit.

    Definitely worthwhile though, and once they’re done you can rest easy knowing they’re out of the way and get on with something fun!

  3. Agnar Volta says:

    I do agree. Learning is the best to train wile you are away. Mostly because if you are not there to watch it don’t feel like a waste of time, and when you come back, you can enjoy training the skills that matter quicker, and test the benefits right on the spot. Unless you have a lvl 5 that’s gonna take a real long time to train, than I suggest you train that one.

  4. Facepalm says:

    Thanks for the input! I’ve always known Learning skills were super important and I put a lot of training into them earlier.

    My question then is how much learning is good enough? In about a week I could have every learning skill (both Rank 1 & 3) to level 4.

    I already have analytical mind to level 5, but that is the only one.

    I’m thinking that if I get Learning to level 5 and everything else to level 4 then I’d be good.

    Any other thoughts?

  5. manasi says:

    Try a different order 🙂

    1) learning up 1 level
    2) Navigation Max these skills early they will help
    3) Signature analysis ( faster locking FTW)
    4) repairing
    5) drones
    6) research

    Get the adv learning skills to 4, level 5 can com, over time
    One easy way to see returns is to move a set of learning skills up, then Navigation, then Signature analysis each time moving them up one level, that way you immediately benefit from the skills, and you gain long term benefit with the learning skills.

    • Facepalm says:

      Makes sense. I’ve gone ahead and made a Learning plan to finish up my Learning Skills for the foreseeable future. It’ll take around 16 days, but should save me alot more than that in the future.

      I’m getting my remaining Advanced Learning skills to 4 (only 3 left) and I’m also getting Learning to 5 and Instant Recall to 5.

      That way I’ll have all Learning Skills at 4 with Learning/Analytical Mind/Instant Recall at 5. Should be good to go at that point.

      2 weeks left though, ugh.

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