For Those About To Rock!

We Salute You!

AC/DC, some of the greatest rockers of all time!

Things have been going well of late. My learning skills training is nearly complete and I’ve been able to finally afford a set of +4 implants. I’m about to finish up Drones V and then move onto some more Core & Gunnery Skills.

However, last night turned out to be fairly exciting in our laid-back, easy-going Alliance. Turns out, we’d invited a new Corporation to join our ranks, yet in the process said Corp had some existing baggage, namely a war against another small Corp. Anyways, to make a long story short, this Corporation didn’t take too kindly to the fact that they were now in a war with a bigger opponent and promptly hired a band of experienced Mercenaries to counter.

Now again, our Alliance mainly spends its time scouting out Wormholes, doing Industrial stuff, and everything else Carebear-ish related. There are a few, dedicated die-hard PvPers in the bunch, but for the most part we’re not much for fighting.

Regardless of the fact that we’re probably out-gunned and out-manned, everyone is still abuzz over the potential opportunity to give it “the old college try!”, which is very encouraging. It seems everyone has a new purpose and are working together more and more because of it. Our leaders, who’ve managed these types of situations heavily in the past, have been doing a great job of getting everything lined up.

The coming week might see us lose our fair share of ships and assets, but at least we’re preparing and actually looking forward to a good fight!


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