Zombies Attack!

Well not really, but I just wanted everyone to know that I’m still alive and kicking. Things have been crazy hectic at work this week due to a Release (always seems to be the same excuse eh?) but things are progressing.

A quick recap of what I’ve been doing:

  • The War that Never Was: Turns out our recent WarDec was much ado about nothing. Lots of talk, little action…for better or worse
  • Finish training some Core skills (Navigation, Energy, etc.) and am onto a few quick Trade skills
  • A very friendly and helpful Corp mate has been slowly trying to teach me about the Trade side of EVE, so I’m currently cutting my teeth with that…though I’m wary I’ll just lose my hard earned ISK because I’m so bad at reading the market. Regardless it is another new facet to EVE for me and I want to experience it, so here goes nothing
  • Jump Clone! I finally got my Caldari Navy standing above 8.0 so I can use a Jump Clone. This was more of a priority earlier because of the WarDec, but it’s always good to have access to one
  • Plexing. I’ve been trying my hand and runing complexes in Hi-Sec. I haven’t found much recently, but there have been a number of Expedition extensions yielding a few faction mods, but nothing crazy. I’d like to find a few more lucrative plex’s, but those are just luck of the draw it seems. Does Lo/Null sec yield better results?
  • Invention & Research: I finally got a few skills to connect with Research Agents. I attempted a few simple invention runs, with no success. It’s difficult because I’m so close to the main trade Hub Jita that when I want to make BPC’s for the Invention run the wait is typically over a week…so I need to find a better way to handle those. Regardless it’s good to have a  Research Agent chugging away.

So that’s the quick update. I’d like to jump into some Gunnery training soon, but with all the trading, scanning, Science I’ve been doing that may get pushed off a bit. I’d also like to get into Caldari Cruiser V, Caldari Battleship V and Caldari Industrial V, but those are loooong skills, so we’ll see when they get into the queue.

Fly Safe!


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