Garage Sale This Way ->

Well not really, more like a hangar sale I guess, but I digress.

I’m sorry for being silent for so long. Things have been a bit busy as usual, but I’ll continue my string of basic “update” posts.

I’m a Caldari Pilot. I’ve typically always focused on training to fly Caldari ships. I’ve always lived in Caldari space.

Problem: My Alliance is primarily Minmitar/Gallante and thus live far away. Thus I am usually always late to any Alliance-style parties.

Solution: With the help of an Alliance leader purchase an Orca, whatever doesn’t fit sell at rock-bottom prices, and get the hell outta Dodge!

So that’s what’s been taking my time of late. Though I’m fairly centered around Jita (for many of the reasons that will be changing come Tyrannis…another topic) it still takes a ton of time moving ships and junk around to a central location.

Thankfully my Alliance is mainly Industrial in nature, thus another Alliance Leader will gladly construct an Orca for me if I supply the materials. This poses another problem however, a chicken and egg type of problem. The amount of materials required to manufacture an Orca, will take apparently 5-7 Orca-sized trips to deliver. Ouch. So I guess my next steps are to either: 1) Rent a Freighter, or B) Get mighty comfortable in my Badger Mark II hauler.

Anyways, I’ve put the above problems aside for about a day as I continue the Logistical dance of centralizing all my crap. When that is all done, however, I’ll start gathering up the materials needed to build my Orca…and then it’s off to the Alliance homeland!

So many thanks to the Alliance Leader who helped fund my Orca (I’ll be paying you back asap with interest I promise!) and also to my other Alliance Leader for making the Orca. Hopefully by my next post I’ll be all settled into my new Home!


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