Free Willy!

Yes I know, that’s a completely unoriginal title, but what can you do.

The idea of flying an Orca has always been in the back of my mind. I’ve had the skills to fly one complete for nearly 2 months now but never (so I thought) had the funds to purchase one. Well it’s funny what a little motivation can do.

In the middle of last week I finally decided it was time to pack up and move down South to join the bulk of active Alliance members. To do that I’d need a big, big truck…but one I could actually fly. Finally I decided it was time to bite the bullet and get an Orca. Thankfully a member of my Alliance can make them offered me a great price if I could supply all the minerals. That turned out to be quite a logistical nightmare, but things went very smoothly as there were a number of helpful Alliance mates on and it was a quiet night to move bulk goods around. I liquidated all my goods and to my surprise I had a lot more assets than originally thought, somewhere around 600M ISK, which is nothing to sneeze at for a meager Capsuleer like myself. I had more than enough cash to purchase all the minerals on the market and saved probably 40M ISK in the long run on the overall cost to build the big bird.

My Orca is now snuggly in the oven and should be ready for deliver within a week. I can’t wait!

In the mean time I’ve been running as many Plex’s as I can and find and have been quite lucky as of late. I had a Worm BPC drop for me last night, so I’m stoked about that. I’m not much of a drone guy, but will be soon.

I’ll let you know when the move is complete!


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