They’ve Gone to Plaid!

Well the move was a complete success!

My shiny new Orca, which I’ve dubbed ‘Spaceball 1’ was delivered in the middle of last week. Man is that thing huge! I was able to pack up everything except a single hauler with around 90% room to spare in the hold. I then had to make the trip of 30+ jumps down to our new base in Minimatar space. It wasn’t as painful as I thought, but it’s wasn’t quick by any means.

Since then I’ve been doing my best to settle in to my new surroundings, but alas I feel so out of place. Like I’ve said before I’ve always been in Caldari space, since day-1, so all my standings and Agents and sense of direction are gone now.

To ease in slowly I’ve taken up scanning the local systems. I’ve found a few good bounties and loot, plus it’s helped me know the area better. My next step is going to be running missions to raise the local standing as I really miss my perfect refines and 0% tax rate.

For kicks I decided to fit out an Amarr frigate to see how it handles level 1 missions. Turns out the ammo-less abilities of the Energy turrets are amazing! I’m always dealing with ammo problems and thus I might have found my next set of skill plans. My Caldari missle boats are doing pretty well, but I have no Gunnery training, thus when I go that route I think I’ll head down the Energy Turret tree. My Capacitor skills are nearly maxed so that helps as well.

Does anyone have some suggestions on my thought of cross-training Missles(Caldari) with Energy Turrets(Amarr)? Granted my Shield skills nearly maxed and I have decent Active Armor Tanking skills, but those would also have to be beefed up slightly going with Amarr ships. But the draw of not dealing with ammo reloads again is just too much to pass up!


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