I love a good Scan Job

So last night, in the midst of all the Planetary Interaction excitement, word went out through our Alliance that we should all keep our eyes open for a few good new Wormholes which we could potentially colonize. Since I had little else going on I fired up the ol’ Buzzard and went a scanning!

I started in our home system and branched out from there. It didn’t take me long to find a good candidate. About 2 jumps away I found an Unstable Wormhole that was nearing the end of it’s life-cycle, nonetheless I fearlessly jumped on through.

I landed in a simple Class 1 Wormhole that was unoccupied. Now C1’s are not very desirable as Star Defender and p@tsh@t have pointed out, but I figured I was a little rusty so I should scan the system down for practice. After looking at dotlan maps I could tell that this system had been dormant for quite some time. A cursory scan revealed roughly 20 combat sites and another 30 signatures! I spent the next 2 hours scanning down each one to shake the rust off and see what else we had.

I was initially interested in this particular system from a PI perspective since it had quite a good mix of desirable planets that were not as common in Hi-Sec…at least in our neck of the woods. When all was said and done I found roughly 10 Gravametric (mining), 10 Ladar (gas), 2 Magnometric (salvaging), 5 Radar (Hacking/Archaeology) and 3 Unstable Wormholes. It was quite painful at times, but I was able to lock down most sites pretty quickly.

In the end the system just didn’t quite offer what we were looking for in terms of a new system, but it was a great evening for me to get back in the swing of things. I’ve been scanning constantly in Hi-Sec, but it’s not quite the same as landing in a new system with 30+ sites. If the entrance WH had a little more life left in it, and if my wife would have let me, I would have jump back in and started running some of the Grav & Radar sites. There was lots of ISK to me made last night, but alas it was not to be. We’ll just have to see what tonight holds.


2 Responses to I love a good Scan Job

  1. p@tsh@t says:

    Heartbreak. I’ll hop on after work and inevitably I find these kinds of wormholes 15 minutes before I should go to bed…

    I had a beautiful Class 2 waiting for me late Tuesday night one jump from my staging area…

    After that disappointment, a corp mate and I decided to coordinate last night. After 10 systems and about 7 holes and most of the evening, we couldn’t find a single unpopulated wormhole…. Although I did find myself in a highly populated Class 6 (with 100% shield bonus) connected to high sec which was weird. I usually only see Class 1 or 2 and the odd 3 on my “usual” route.

    Here’s hoping for better luck on the long (US) holiday weekend.

    • Facepalm says:

      Dang, I was totally thinking about you and your current search for a WH p@tsh@t during my search last night. I should have sent you an EVEMail about the System I found to see if you were interested.

      If I had been ready (i.e. – had my staging done) I would have jumped on this WH because it looked perfect.

      If I find anything similar I will definitely let you know!!

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