The Kingdome Cometh!

So it’s been a busy week, as usual it seems. I was out of town this weekend and all of last week work was crazy. Thus all the items I had listed on my “TODO list” were put off until Thursday & Sunday night, and boy were they hectic!

So finally on Thursday I bit the bullet and began to deploy my first POS: The Kingdome!

The Kingdome

What I had envision being a simple, straight-forward process (despite being told otherwise on countless occasions by numerous people) turned in to be just the opposite. The fact that I was in Wormspace with only an Orca didn’t help things.

My first folly was anchoring the tower, and then when it finished set it to unanchor, which cannot be cancelled. So that was my first 45 minutes. Once everything was set I transferred all the fuel, but forgot half of it in my Orca’s Corporate Hangar Array. Finally I had everything stocked and online.

Next was positioning all the modules. I chose a medium tower at first, so I was limited in scope, however this part was truly a pain in the arse! When you deploy and anchor a module you are presented with a little green box with arrows to move around space. However these arrows do not scale with your camera’s view. You typically need to see your entire setup before you can properly position the module, thus when you zoom way out the module arrow handles are impossible to selected with your mouse pointer. Therefore you must move, zoom out, zoom in, move, rinse, repeat, ugh.

Then I had to travel to each module to online and, if necessary, load with any required ammo. Being that all I had on hand was my Orca, this was a painfully slow process. I even ejected to my pod and warped off to a planet and back to the module because that was faster than simply maneuvering to each item one after the other.

Finally, after around 4 hours of back and forth learning experiences I was done and The Kingdome was ready to go! The inhabitants of our little system were as excited as patrons of the original Kingdome when they got a visit from  “The Beer Guy”!

Beer Me!

That was a looong night and many thanks to my Corp and Alliance mates for the help and answering of my endless questions.

In all the rush of setting up my first POS I kind of missed the boat on the initial launch of PI Command Centers (CC). This was rectified last night as I finally made the trip out of our WH and back to Jita to pick up supplies and the much anticipated CCs.

My skills allow me to have 5 CCs operational at one time, so I picked 5 of varying type and heading back to the Dome. When I finally pulled into the safety of the force fields I set to work at setting up my own little colonies. Being that it was late Sunday night pretty much everyone in the Alliance had logged for the evening, thus I was on my own.

It took me quite a bit of trial and error to figure out everything related to PI, but it wasn’t overly difficult. I had only ever read the occasional guide on PI since it’s inception, thus I had never been on Sisi to play around with things before Tyrannis launched. Needless to say I created a few extractor and routes that I needed to destroy and eventually figured out what all the varying types of processors were for, but in the end it was a good experience.

When I finally logged for the night I had setup nearly full colonies on 5 planets in our system. I set everything in motion manufacturing fuel for my newly christened POS.

I examined several of our planets to see how my Alliance mates have things structured, and what I noticed is that they had many, many extractors for one resource per planet. Whereas I went the route of setting up 1, sometimes 2, extractors for a single resource per planet. I then routed these to individual processes to make a single item. Perhaps my Alliance mates were more interested in harvesting vast amounts of initial resources before embarking on manufacturing, either way I really do need to ask more questions to make sure I’m not completely missing the points and doing something totally wrong.

In the end I’m really starting to like PI and it’s definitely something that can be micro managed or done at a distance at your leisure.

Our newly inhabited Wormhole is truly starting to take shape and we’re making the most of it. As with any exhibition making yourself comfortable in the face of great peril is always a priority! And things are looking good in Chaos Central!

Do you have any Grey Poupon?


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