Chicks are Complex!

And by “Chicks” I mean our newly beloved Planetary Interaction Colonies.

Please fasten your seat-belts, We're about to get complex!

So last night I logged on and began checking the first full run of my 5 Planetary Interaction Colonies. Even though I did my best to layout the Colonies in the most efficient way as possible, I clearly missed the mark.

I had several storage silos completely full and idle processors on a few of the planets. I needed to pay closer attention to the cycle times and wrap my head around the best way to route my resources around the Colony. My Alliance Leader agreed that my current setup, which was very heavy in resource extractors, was only viable in a Hi-Sec deployment. Wormwholes are an entirely different story as you must be much more efficient since you can’t simply truck all your resources around easily to markets or stations.

My ratio of Extractors to Processors was somewhere in the ballpark of 7:2 which was greatly skewed. What I was instructed to do was keep in more in the lines of 2:1 or 3:2, so that’s just what I did. I also routed most of my processed materials from Extractors to Storage Silos to Basic Processors to my Starport. I would then route my P1 materials to an Advanced Processor and then back to my Starport for Export.

Thus I spent all of last night rearranging my planets for the 3rd time, ugh. I’ve blown through about 20M in setup costs, but ultimately I’ve managed to produce amble amounts of POS fuel to keep my little operation running indefinitely (minus the isotopes of course, still have to get those from the market).

So in the end I’ve spent a great deal of time getting accustomed to the new PI feature, and so far I really like it, though the complexity has caused me trouble finding the best way to be efficient. I wish there was a newly updated resource map of production items that you can make with the new PI materials as I’d like to get into more production of POS structures and modules, I simply don’t know the road map to get there yet.

Hopefully my Alliance Leader won’t blow an artery now when he see’s my Colonies as he did last night.


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