EVE University finds me useful!

Well the most popular post (by far!) of this humble little blog is my post about creating an Alt in EVE Online. I wrote this nearly a year ago in August when I was contemplating creating a new account.

EVE is a unique game in which you truly cannot thrive flying solo. Sure you can make an existence (I’m proof of that anyways) but the gains of having a second character helping you out are massive.

My Alt didn’t quite make the cut, for various reasons, but the post lived. I wasn’t able to find an easy source at the time of all the meaningful info you should know about starting a new Alt, thus the post.

As it turns out, yesterday I noticed a referral link from EVE University for this entry on their Wiki. To my surprise it was a complete snippet of my original post, verbatim. I’m just glad people have found it useful enough that it now has a more visible home.

I wanted to do a quick update to my original posting with a more condensed set of information and answers to the questions I originally asked. I’ll post that as soon as I can.



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