How to start an Alt in EVE Online : Updated

Nearly a year ago I wrote a blog on “How to start an Alt in EVE Online“. I was in the process of creating an Alt for myself and wanted to consolidate all the information I discovered during my research. The post has been far and away my most popular post, and since it was written nearly a year ago and contains some outdated information I wanted to write a quick update.

How to start an Alt in EVE Online:

1) The Buddy Program

If you currently have a paid subscription you can get a pretty good deal by using the EVE Bring in a Buddy program. You do this by logging into your account on the EVE Onling website and then emailing yourself a link for a 21-day free trial (the standard free-trial is only 14 days long). If you eventually subscribe with this trial account, your original account gets 30 days of free play time. Using the 21 days is a great way to get your learning and core skillsets up to par.

2) Trial Account Restrictions

You cannot play a trial account and a paid account at the same time on the same computer. Trial accounts also cannot use contracts and cannot train a majority of skills. It thus becomes difficult to set up your Alt with all the necessary skillbooks and ISK from your main character without getting another player involved or having to use two separate computers.

3) New Character Planning Guide

Read this great guide for getting a new Alts’ Learning and Core skills up to par so that they have basic competency in a good number of areas. There is also this good article which offers the best Learning skill training schedule. It will take about 7 to 10 days to get everything in the acceptable range, but it’s time well spent.

4) API Key Restrictions

Any new EVE Online account must be active for 72 hours before you can request a Limited API key. You can, however, log in as your new Alt and export your character’s XML data. This can then be used and imported into various programs such as EVEMon and EVEHQ.

5) New Character Tutorials

Go through all the tutorials and initial career path missions. This is a great way to get some free skillsbooks, gear, ships, ISK and standing, plus it only takes a couple hours at most. This only applies if you need the help of free skills and gear, if your main character can bank roll your Alt, then don’t bother unless you want the small amount of standing the missions offer.

6) Alt Corporation

It is sometimes helpful to create a new corporation just for your Alt, however this requires 18,000 ISK for the Corporation Management skillbook and 1.6 Million ISK for the new corporation fees. The skillbook is trainable immediately however and typically available in all starting stations.


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