In the trend of showing our updated characters, here is Freddy Facepalm in what once was, and what is now.

It took me quite awhile to go through and figure out the new character creator. Against my better judgement, and lots of good advice, I started off with Freddy instead of trying things out on an Alt. At first I was greatly disappointed (why wasn’t straight black hair an option?), but the new Freddy is starting to grow on me.

I keep imagining him driving a black trans-am to Seven-11 in 1978, mullet and all. Either way…I’m starting to like it.

I also did my two, never used, alts. They turned out okay, but not great. I was just super excited to get in game for a number of different reasons, so in the end I said everything’s “good enough” and moved on. Though I hear if you really get stuck CCP is being generous with character reset petition requests…which is nice of them.

Let’s hope Freddy Facepalm 2.0 is as much fun as Classic Freddy has been over the past year and a half!


I love it when a plan comes together!

The Opera isnt over Until the Fat lady sings

Well I’ve finally completed my grandiose plan for 2011 in EVEMon. Like I said earlier I’m going to try and refocus a little on Industry with a smidgen of EWar. My current plan takes me until December 5th, 2011…but I’ve snuck in a few EWar skills that will take around 10 days or so. Anyways, here is the master list…what are you planning for 2011?

Wall of Text FTW


So it’s been quite lately, what with settling into the new house routine and all. Yet I feel like things are picking up!

On the EVE front I’ve spent the past couple of months doing nothing but hi-sec exploration with a little missioning in the mix. The exploration has been a boon of riches as I’ve had a streak of good luck recently, which helps for sure.

I’m almost finished training up all the Core Elite Certificate skills, minus Advanced Weapon Upgrades V, so I’m glad to have that out of the way.

I’ve attempted to make a rough skill plan 2011, mainly focusing on Industry. When I started my EVE career this is where I focused my effort for a good 6-9 months. Since then I’ve diverted into some combat areas, but I feel it’s time to get back to my roots. I’ve also taken advantage of the free neural remap handed out by CCP recently with their removal of Learning Skills and pumped up my Intelligence and Memory to help with the Industry training focus.

I’ve been eying Null-Sec space as a possible next adventure. I’ve spent my whole time in Hi-Sec, rarely even venturing into Low-Sec, let alone 0.0, other than a few errant WH explorations gone wrong. We shall see…

Either way 2010 was a great year even though it went out with a whimper. I hope to make 2011 just as exciting! Wishing you all the best!