It’s About Time!

…pardon the absence




I’m currently 20,000 ft. in the air sipping on an endless supply of double Gin & tonics in first class making a post on my phone on my way to Las Vegas. Thank you technology!

I’ve been getting ready for this trip the past few days, thus my nights in EVE have been fairly mundane. Managing my PI infrastructure and running a few combat & Ladar sites has taken most of my time. However last night we had a connection 4 jumps from Jita, thus I took the opportunity to make a much needed run.

I picked up a Polymer Reaction Array, a few Remote Armor/Hull Repairers and some POS fuel components. I also sold over 300M ISK in Sleeper loot/salvage. It’s amazing what a week in W-space can yeild.

So I’ll leave you with that. Fly dangerously this week my friends & I’ll catch you on the flip side!