Easy Rider

Cruising Along

Well it appears I’m the worst blogger ever, lack of posts is not good!

The vacation went well, though too short. Since I’ve been back it’s been pretty quiet. Living in Wormspace can do that some times.

I’ve run many Combat sites, and several Radar sites, thus padding my stockpile of Sleeper salvage and loot. I finally finished up Gas Harvesting V last night and thus sucked clean a Ladar site for some much needed Polymer Reactions.

I also finished up Heavy Assault Missiles V, but unfortunately my current ship setups are not conducive to increased DPS since you have to be within ~12km of your target. I mainly fly my Drake, which lumbers along and cannot keep up with most Sleepers, especially when webbed. Thus I’ve had to revert back to my standard Heavy Missiles setup. I am however looking to pick up a Cerberus Heavy Assault Ship perhaps that will help?

I managed to complete some Invention runs for some T2 Heavy Assault Missile ammo. 9/20 runs isn’t great, but it’s not horrible either. Now I simply need to produce some new Planetary Interaction materials to complete the materials list before I can manufacture the ammo.

Speaking of PI, it’s been going along smoothly. I’ve mainly focused on manufacturing POS fuel and I’ve been able to make just enough to keep the tower running with a months supply of fuel, and a month stockpile. There is just enough surplus for me to focus on 2 products which I can sell, thus I’ve picked Oxygen (quick, easy turn-around) and Enriched Uranium, which seems to have the biggest margin right now.

I’m hoping to make some POS modules with my PI, but that might be a lot farther in the future as I’ve kinda hit my happy medium in terms of how much it takes to manage my setup and what I get out of it.

The only interesting story to relate happened a few days ago in our WH. I was the only one logged in at the moment when I noticed several scanning probes out. Eventually I found a Drake hanging at our WH exit to hi-sec. Eventually another ship, a Force Recon Pilgrim (Cruiser-class Co-Opts) jumped in as well. The only site we had currently in the WH was a Radar site, which they had found and warped to.

I surmised both ships were controlled by the same person as I sat and watched them cloaked up in my Buzzard. I tried to snag a Hacking can while they dealt with the Sleepers, but it proved to risky, so I simply sat back and watched.

The Drake was being used as the “damage sponge” while the Pilgrim helped with Drones and DPS. I’m not sure how much experience this Pilot had with Wormholes, Sleepers and the Sites involved. Typically there are waves of Sleepers which each wave being triggered to spawn as soon as you kill a specific type of ship from the previous wave. Most of these “trigger” ships have been recorded in Wikis and Guides for some time and anyone who’s spent any amount of time in W-space will know right away where to find this information. This particular Pilot, however, learned the hard way, as most of us did back when we first entered W-space.

The Drake began killing all the trigger Sleepers and was soon overwhelmed with 3 full waves of Sleepers. For some reason they did not warp out, thus the Sleepers happily targeted the Pilgrim and chewed it up almost instantly. The Drake barely got out in time, but did manage to warp back to the WH exit and into hi-sec.

I quickly jumped into my own Drake and warped to the Pilgrim wreck. I grabbed everything that had survived (a few T2 modules & drones) and then began to systematically take out the Sleepers that I could, warping out and back when needing to. I finished the site in around 45 minutes (as I said, the Drake is sloooow) and just as I was finishing up the Pilot returned with another wingman.

He saw that I had finished up the site, cleaned out his wreck and salvaged everything. This Pilot had been around since 2006, so he knew the game, and thus said simply and professionally “Congrats :)”. He then warped out and was gone.

I felt bad and was thinking of sending him his drones and mods back, but at the same time it was probably a good lesson for him to learn, one that I’ve learned more times than I care to imagine.

So all things considered it’s been a quiet week, but plenty to do!


Houston, We Have Liftoff!

Warp 9, Engage!

So the replacement for my melted-down video card arrived Saturday. However, I had friends in town and thus the install happened late Sunday night.

Oh what a joy the new Sapphire card is!! Granted I’m sure it’s nothing compared to the latest and greatest, but it was a big step up for me regardless and I’m loving running through New Eden with all the graphics settings cranked to 11!

Once everything settled down the rest of the evening was pretty eventful. Though we had had some invaders earlier in the day they seemed to have gone their separate ways which left lots of time for exploring.

We had a connected Class 1 WH which was inhabited but still deserted. I took the liberty to run a Radar (Hacking) site as well as 4-5 Combat sites. I lack punch in the the DPS department so it took quite awhile to get through everything, but it was well worth it in the end as my salvaging netted nearly 150M.

We had a new recruit in the Alliance who is fairly new and he wanted to come tag along and helped out greatly. I remember when I was in his shoes! Funny thing is, I still feel like a newbie with no clue what I’m doing…it’s all relative I guess.

I spent the remainder of the night cleaning up a Grav (Mining) site that was in our home system. I didn’t get much, but still a cool 20M or so. Living in Wormspace is turning to be quite profitable.

My next goal is to acquire everything necessary to construct a Tier 3 Cruiser – The Tengu. I’m already over half way there, but I still have a few Battleship level components and some Gas to harvest. The sad thing is our most recently connected Class 1 WH had over 12 Ladar (Gas) sites, but I didn’t have a Gas Harvesting ship. I solved the last problem last night, but unfortunately the Gas heavy C1 had already collapsed.

So that is the story so far. Last night was fairly quiet as we had no sites in our Home system and no sites in our connected C1. Hopefully tonight will bring more action!

Free Willy!

Yes I know, that’s a completely unoriginal title, but what can you do.

The idea of flying an Orca has always been in the back of my mind. I’ve had the skills to fly one complete for nearly 2 months now but never (so I thought) had the funds to purchase one. Well it’s funny what a little motivation can do.

In the middle of last week I finally decided it was time to pack up and move down South to join the bulk of active Alliance members. To do that I’d need a big, big truck…but one I could actually fly. Finally I decided it was time to bite the bullet and get an Orca. Thankfully a member of my Alliance can make them offered me a great price if I could supply all the minerals. That turned out to be quite a logistical nightmare, but things went very smoothly as there were a number of helpful Alliance mates on and it was a quiet night to move bulk goods around. I liquidated all my goods and to my surprise I had a lot more assets than originally thought, somewhere around 600M ISK, which is nothing to sneeze at for a meager Capsuleer like myself. I had more than enough cash to purchase all the minerals on the market and saved probably 40M ISK in the long run on the overall cost to build the big bird.

My Orca is now snuggly in the oven and should be ready for deliver within a week. I can’t wait!

In the mean time I’ve been running as many Plex’s as I can and find and have been quite lucky as of late. I had a Worm BPC drop for me last night, so I’m stoked about that. I’m not much of a drone guy, but will be soon.

I’ll let you know when the move is complete!

Things that go bump in the night

It was a fairly slow Sunday evening in New Eden yesterday. As the US Thanksgiving Day holiday was winding down there were quite a few still with family and friends in the real world, leaving us in space to fen for ourselves.

I was casually doing some scanning in our home wormhole while also watching Sunday Night Football here States-side. Our Alliance was chatting off and on about nothing in particular when I picked up a new Cosmic Anomaly on my scanners. I quickly scanned it down to 100% strength, while our Alliance Leader was kind enough to give me and a fellow member an overview on wormhole identification procedures. It was a great brief talk and I’m sure it cleared things up for us as we continue to learn the ropes of W-space.

An Alliance mate and myself decided to jump through this new WH and found that it dropped us into a Class IV system. We quickly scanned if anyone else was residing in this new system and found it totally devoid of player habitation. We did find, however, roughly 35 other sites. There were 25 Sleeper sites, a.k.a. – Combat sites, and 10 other sites, such as Ladar and Radar where you harvest Gas and Hack containers. The most I had ever seen at a time was 9 sites, most of which were other wormholes, thus this was quite exciting for us.

Being that there was only 2 of us, and that this was a C4 system, we decided to take on one of the weakest Sleeper sites…’weakest’ being a relative term. Typically we can handle most Sleeper sites in our home system solo when flying the right ship, but not tonight. The plan was for me to fly in first with my Drake, which had a fairly decent passive shield setup, and him to follow. He was attempting to run two accounts at once, thus flying two ships at the same time to provide more firepower for our little recon group. This didn’t end up working out, so it was just me in a Drake and he in a Raven.

The site contained 2 heavy hitting Sleeper Battleships. As I flew in with my Drake they immediately started knocking out my shields. The Raven eventually showed up and attempted to remotely repair my shields. Unfortunately for me the shield repair just couldn’t keep up with the Battleship firepower that was baring down on me and as I attempted to warp out to safety I got hung up on a structure and my trusty Drake of 2 months went down in a blaze of glory.

The Raven stuck around for as long as he could, but we were clearly outclassed by this difficult C4 system. I ran back and grabbed my trusty Caracal with which I was able to salvage my wrecked Drake and save about 9 components. I spent the rest of the night flying around buying a new Drake and all it’s proper fittings. Luckily for me I had a large amount of Sleeper loot to sell, so in the end I think I came out even in terms of ISK lost & gained, with the insurance payout and loot sold.

All in all it was a fun evening, though bitter sweet. All this experience is great for such a new pilot like my self and my Alliance mates are such great players for helping me learn the ropes. So for now the Sleepers of the C4 can claim victory, but I guess that’s payback for the past few days I’ve spent obliterating their lesser sites in our home WH. We’ll get them next time!

Band of Brothers

I apologize for the lack of posts of late, things have been pretty busy.

On the personal front, I’ve been making some good headway in the job hunt. I even have an offer or two, so that is always good! Hopefully now things will start getting back to normal!

In New Eden I’ve taken the big plunge and joined a Corporation! I’ve read in a number of places that EVE Online is truly only experienced once you’ve found a group of people to share your experience with…and by all accounts I think they were right.

The corporation I joined is full of mature, helpful people who want nothing more than to enjoy the game. The first thing that hit me was how much I truly didn’t know or didn’t learn about the game. I’ve spent nearly 6 months flying solo in Empire space and there is a TON of stuff you never run into. Thankfully, as I’ve said, this group of people has been very patient with me and always happy to answer my seemingly endless supply of basic questions.

We are mainly based out of Wormhole space (W-space or just WH space), so coupled with the fact that I know nearly nothing about Corporations, I know even less about Wormholes. Sure I’ve read many a blog on the subject, so I’m not totally clueless, but just about.

The Corporation is also a part of a larger Alliance, all filled with like-minded people interested in exploiting W-space and helping everyone out. So I couldn’t be happier with my time in New Eden right now. There is so much to experience, everything being totally new to me.

I can hopefully blog further on these new experiences. As I write this I am at a Sleeper site (a spawned Combat Site in W-space). I experienced my first one last night, and have now done 3 others. It’s a great way to spend the time. I’ve also done a wee bit of mining at a Gravametric site, though I need to increase my Ore Processing skills so I can use mining crystals to increase my yield.

The move into W-space was a tricky one. I had lots of stuff I wanted to bring in, namely my newly minted mining Hulk, so I had lots of logistical runs across space. I was eventually convinced that I should leave my expensive Hulk in Empire because the dangers in W-space are enormous. Thus I found myself purchasing a new Covetor and outfitting it with Tier 1 Strip Miners. It gets the job done, but not as well as my trusty Hulk. But it’s better to fly something you can replace than be broke and without a ship.

I have to say that the majority of my time is spent scanning. Luckily for me I invested a little time in my Astrometric skills early on, so I’m not totally in the dark as these are by far some of the most important skills to have in W-space. I am even a few days away from the Tier 2 Covert-Ops ship the Buzzard. It is specifically built for scanning, so I can’t wait until I’m up to speed on that ship.

I was just recently granted access to some storage space at our Corporate POS. Up until that point it’s been a little difficult to manage life in W-space, as I have lots of stuff I want to bring in to help, such as ammo and drones. Plus there was no place for me to stash my ore. But that’s all solved now so I think I can really sink my teeth into this whole Wormhole thing.

The funny thing is that I had never even joined a fleet up until I joined our Corporation. I haven’t been in too many since I joined, but it was a comical state of affairs during my first go at it. Lots & lots of questions. At least I’m starting to get the hang of it and am picking up alot of the acronyms. Our Alliance has a wiki which has been invaluable in getting up to speed. I feels great to be a part of something so organized and professional.

I’ll do my best to continue to blog about my new experiences. I just recently finished up my skills for Hacking (I’ve had the skillbook since day 1 of my time in New Eden) but I have yet to find a Radar site to use my newly bought Codebreaker 1. So just a ton of stuff to learn and experience and to anyone out there new to EVE, do yourself a favor and join a Corporation!