Flame Warden Bob

Blizzard currently has their Midsummer Fire Festival event running in World of Warcraft. It runs from June 21 – July 5 and has a number of varying ‘festivities’ and quests.

I have been on an EVE Online kick for a few weeks now and am really enjoying it. Thus I haven’t logged into WoW since around early may…until last night. Now I’ve been playing since launch and have experienced most content, but WoW is slowly losing it’s appeal for me mainly because it less ‘new’ and more ‘grind’ nowadays.

I tend to be obsessive-compulsive at times and WoW’s wonderful achievement system has had its hooks in me for awhile now. Again I’m by no means ‘hardcore’, but I enjoy running around completing the achievements I can. My main quest has been to complete What A Long, Straing Trip It’s Been. Thus, every in-game event season, I have to get in and grind out the sub-achievement.

Being that I will be away for a couple weeks here soon and that Mrs. Facepalm is away on business for a couple days, I knew I had a good opportunity to get the achievement done. It was hard to get motivated, but once I got home I fired up the WoW Launcher, plugged in my iPhone Authenticator code (I used to have the fob, but upgraded to the app) and off I went.

I had completely forgotten where I had last logged out. There was a patch I needed to download, so that took an extra 15 minutes or so. Eventually I was sitting at the entrance to Stratholme, apparently I was grinding Baron Rivendare for his mount when I last logged, so there I was. As Wilhelm pointed out in his post earlier, this event is much like the Lunar Festival. You run to practically every corner of the world talking to quest NPCs and/or interacting with quest items, in this case giant bonfires. Ugh, I was definitely not looking forward to riding around all night long. Regardless, I saddled up and off I went.

I tried to map out the most efficient path to hit all the festival locations. Being that I was in a hurry I used the wonderful guide over at Wowhead. The Eastern Kingdoms was pretty quick, it took me about an hour and a half. After that I headed to Outlands where my epic flying mount and crusader aura helped me knocked that sub-achievement out in around thirty minutes. Then the part I was dreading, Kalimdor.

I’ve never played a Night Elf or a Draeni, or much Horde for that matter, so I haven’t spent too much time in the West. The flight paths are long and the running around is pretty much a pain in the arse. The festival locations where spread out pretty far in between so it took me the better part of two and a half hours to get everything completed. Finally, I hearthed to Dalaran and hit all the locations in Northrend even though they are not required for the meta-achievement and have no achievement of their own. My obsessive-compulsive side showing through yet again.

I finally tackled the King of the Fire Festival sub-achievement where you have to visit all the Horde capital cities and steal their fire. I had somehow forgotten to do this while I was running to all the festival sites. Ugh. I made it through Thunderbluff, Silvermoon, and The Undercity with no problems. Orgrimmar however proved to be another story. Being a Paladin I was able to bubble up and get to the fire, but I had a dozen or so guards on me as well as half as many Horde, needless to say I took the graveyard resurrection (since there was a festival site right next to it) and moved on.

When all was said and done, it had taken me around five hours to compelete everything minus Ice the Frost Lord, where you have to visit The Slave Pens in Zangarmarch in The Outlands to summon and kill a festival-only boss. Now, as Wilhelm pointed out, this festival can have amazing experience gains for lower level characters. I had made just shy of 950 gold on the quest turn-ins alone. A lower-level character wouldn’t make quite that much (extra gold for being max-level) but it would still be worthwhile, though it would probably take a little longer considering I used the portals in Dalaran and Shattrath profusely, plus my epic mounts and crusader aura.

It was nearing midnight, but I was able to get in a quick group to dive into Slave Pens for the final piece of the meta-achievement. This is an encounter that, for max-level characters, should be fairly trivial. The hard part comes from the fact that you can only summon the boss one time per day, per character. Unfortunately no one in our group was able to summon him, me included since I had attempted to help a lower level character with the achievement and had wiped. Finally, around 1 am we found someone to help us. Three minutes later and Bob had his ‘Flame Warden’ Title along with the meta-achievement. Being that I had waffle face from falling asleep on my keyboard a few times times I forgot to grab a screen shot, and I was really trying to remember to do that too! Argh. I promise I’ll be better at taking pictures in the future, I think it really helps to break apart these walls-of-text that I write.

Anyways, one step closer to completing the uber-meta-achievement I so eagerly covet. Bob was in Azeroth for six hours, became 950 gold richer, and was a little saddle sore, but all-in-all another successful MMO evening.

p.s. – Bob is my main WoW character in case you were wondering.