In the trend of showing our updated characters, here is Freddy Facepalm in what once was, and what is now.

It took me quite awhile to go through and figure out the new character creator. Against my better judgement, and lots of good advice, I started off with Freddy instead of trying things out on an Alt. At first I was greatly disappointed (why wasn’t straight black hair an option?), but the new Freddy is starting to grow on me.

I keep imagining him driving a black trans-am to Seven-11 in 1978, mullet and all. Either way…I’m starting to like it.

I also did my two, never used, alts. They turned out okay, but not great. I was just super excited to get in game for a number of different reasons, so in the end I said everything’s “good enough” and moved on. Though I hear if you really get stuck CCP is being generous with character reset petition requests…which is nice of them.

Let’s hope Freddy Facepalm 2.0 is as much fun as Classic Freddy has been over the past year and a half!


Interactive Planets And Those Who Love Them

EVE Online: Tyrannis

By now Tyrannis should be live and many a happy Capsuleer is downloading and patching to the latest and greatest release from CCP.

The release of the Planetary Interaction (PI) feature will finally give us the chance to interact with our, as of today, merely “cosmetic” Planets in New Eden. A few new skills have been added which allow us to scan a planet for various materials and subsequently construct a Planetary Command Center where we can mine said minerals and begin to manufacture the various economic goods that were previously only “created” by the NPC market.

The extent of my Industrialist Spirit so far has been a few meager mining operations in Hi-Sec and WH as well as some manufacturing and invention runs. Thus I can’t say I have a full understanding or grasp of the complexities in EVE Industrialism. However, as with anything so new and exciting, I’d like to do my best to jump into this new feature from the ground up and be a part of the massive “land grab” that will take place in the coming days.

So let the patching and training begin!