I love it when a plan comes together!

The Opera isnt over Until the Fat lady sings

Well I’ve finally completed my grandiose plan for 2011 in EVEMon. Like I said earlier I’m going to try and refocus a little on Industry with a smidgen of EWar. My current plan takes me until December 5th, 2011…but I’ve snuck in a few EWar skills that will take around 10 days or so. Anyways, here is the master list…what are you planning for 2011?

Wall of Text FTW



So it’s been quite lately, what with settling into the new house routine and all. Yet I feel like things are picking up!

On the EVE front I’ve spent the past couple of months doing nothing but hi-sec exploration with a little missioning in the mix. The exploration has been a boon of riches as I’ve had a streak of good luck recently, which helps for sure.

I’m almost finished training up all the Core Elite Certificate skills, minus Advanced Weapon Upgrades V, so I’m glad to have that out of the way.

I’ve attempted to make a rough skill plan 2011, mainly focusing on Industry. When I started my EVE career this is where I focused my effort for a good 6-9 months. Since then I’ve diverted into some combat areas, but I feel it’s time to get back to my roots. I’ve also taken advantage of the free neural remap handed out by CCP recently with their removal of Learning Skills and pumped up my Intelligence and Memory to help with the Industry training focus.

I’ve been eying Null-Sec space as a possible next adventure. I’ve spent my whole time in Hi-Sec, rarely even venturing into Low-Sec, let alone 0.0, other than a few errant WH explorations gone wrong. We shall see…

Either way 2010 was a great year even though it went out with a whimper. I hope to make 2011 just as exciting! Wishing you all the best!

Moving Day


Well my long absence is *hopefully* coming to an end. The Mrs. & I purchased our first house and just moved in this past weekend. It was quite the hassle. We have very few belongings and no family and it was still a huge pain in the arse. I have no idea how those with families handle such an endeavor. My hats off to you!

The interwebs are finally re-connected at the new abode and I’ll be doing my best to get back into things, new house work aside.

I’m trying to regain my bearings and formulate a plan for the future. Our Corporation/Alliance has some plans that I’m looking forward to. My training while I was away completed Battlecruisers V and a number of Core skills. Thus I might be in the market for a Command ship here soon. I also need to get my PI and POS setups back up and running.

So much to do, so little time!

Easy Rider

Cruising Along

Well it appears I’m the worst blogger ever, lack of posts is not good!

The vacation went well, though too short. Since I’ve been back it’s been pretty quiet. Living in Wormspace can do that some times.

I’ve run many Combat sites, and several Radar sites, thus padding my stockpile of Sleeper salvage and loot. I finally finished up Gas Harvesting V last night and thus sucked clean a Ladar site for some much needed Polymer Reactions.

I also finished up Heavy Assault Missiles V, but unfortunately my current ship setups are not conducive to increased DPS since you have to be within ~12km of your target. I mainly fly my Drake, which lumbers along and cannot keep up with most Sleepers, especially when webbed. Thus I’ve had to revert back to my standard Heavy Missiles setup. I am however looking to pick up a Cerberus Heavy Assault Ship perhaps that will help?

I managed to complete some Invention runs for some T2 Heavy Assault Missile ammo. 9/20 runs isn’t great, but it’s not horrible either. Now I simply need to produce some new Planetary Interaction materials to complete the materials list before I can manufacture the ammo.

Speaking of PI, it’s been going along smoothly. I’ve mainly focused on manufacturing POS fuel and I’ve been able to make just enough to keep the tower running with a months supply of fuel, and a month stockpile. There is just enough surplus for me to focus on 2 products which I can sell, thus I’ve picked Oxygen (quick, easy turn-around) and Enriched Uranium, which seems to have the biggest margin right now.

I’m hoping to make some POS modules with my PI, but that might be a lot farther in the future as I’ve kinda hit my happy medium in terms of how much it takes to manage my setup and what I get out of it.

The only interesting story to relate happened a few days ago in our WH. I was the only one logged in at the moment when I noticed several scanning probes out. Eventually I found a Drake hanging at our WH exit to hi-sec. Eventually another ship, a Force Recon Pilgrim (Cruiser-class Co-Opts) jumped in as well. The only site we had currently in the WH was a Radar site, which they had found and warped to.

I surmised both ships were controlled by the same person as I sat and watched them cloaked up in my Buzzard. I tried to snag a Hacking can while they dealt with the Sleepers, but it proved to risky, so I simply sat back and watched.

The Drake was being used as the “damage sponge” while the Pilgrim helped with Drones and DPS. I’m not sure how much experience this Pilot had with Wormholes, Sleepers and the Sites involved. Typically there are waves of Sleepers which each wave being triggered to spawn as soon as you kill a specific type of ship from the previous wave. Most of these “trigger” ships have been recorded in Wikis and Guides for some time and anyone who’s spent any amount of time in W-space will know right away where to find this information. This particular Pilot, however, learned the hard way, as most of us did back when we first entered W-space.

The Drake began killing all the trigger Sleepers and was soon overwhelmed with 3 full waves of Sleepers. For some reason they did not warp out, thus the Sleepers happily targeted the Pilgrim and chewed it up almost instantly. The Drake barely got out in time, but did manage to warp back to the WH exit and into hi-sec.

I quickly jumped into my own Drake and warped to the Pilgrim wreck. I grabbed everything that had survived (a few T2 modules & drones) and then began to systematically take out the Sleepers that I could, warping out and back when needing to. I finished the site in around 45 minutes (as I said, the Drake is sloooow) and just as I was finishing up the Pilot returned with another wingman.

He saw that I had finished up the site, cleaned out his wreck and salvaged everything. This Pilot had been around since 2006, so he knew the game, and thus said simply and professionally “Congrats :)”. He then warped out and was gone.

I felt bad and was thinking of sending him his drones and mods back, but at the same time it was probably a good lesson for him to learn, one that I’ve learned more times than I care to imagine.

So all things considered it’s been a quiet week, but plenty to do!

There and Back Again: 1st EVE Anniversary

So with little fanfare my 1st Anniversary in EVE came and went. Who would have thought that on June 2nd Freddy Facepalm would be 1 year old?

I’ve sat back and tried to reflect on where I’ve been and how far I’ve come…but it turns out I’ve been rather busy of late. Nonetheless I did at least want to post a few update for posterity.

As per one of my very first posts, here is my updated display of the places I’ve visited throughout the course of a year.

A Year of Travels

Next up, I’ve managed to accrue 16,660,000 skillpoints in a year. I’ve currently got a set of +4 implants and am training my final Planetary Interaction skill (Command Center Upgrades 4). Here is my distribution.

1 Year's Skills

And finally my assets total to just over 1 Billion ISK, that is a number far greater than anything I could have imagined, mainly in thanks to the past week.

I decided to move back to my old stomping grounds around Caldari Space. Being away from my high standings and familiar territory were simply too great to remain in Minmitar space. After spending roughly 2 weeks in the South I had little to show for my efforts. So I packed up ship and moved home. I hadn’t been back for more than a day when I found 3 level 4 Deadspace Complexes, the first of which yielded a Medium Faction Shield Booster which netted me nearly 400M ISK! I about fell out of my chair! That alone paid for my dear Orca which I had been scrounging for months to purchase. I then found several nice Faction Hardeners worth another 100+M ISK.

Since I finally had some room in the bank I decided it was time to embark upon my final great Adventure which I had hoped for when I first began my days in New Eden. It’s almost ironic that almost exactly a year after setting foot in EVE I’ve decided to setup my own POS in a Wormwhole as that was the main draw for me when I first began…and yet I never thought I would make it this far.

As it turns out our Alliance has made a new push into Wormspace in search of more planets for the upcoming PI and a new system was recently discovered. They welcomed the addition of more members to their newly christened domain and I thankfully accepted.

I spent a couple days pondering over proper POS setups and configurations. Though I had a good sum of money in the bank, I was only able to purchase a Medium Tower, but I believe this will be a good start for me. The final tally for the tower, all modules and enough fuel for a month was just shy of half a billion ISK. I still have a small amount savings left, but it did sting to watch my wallet deplete so quickly.

As fate would have it, our newly settled system was only 2 jumps from my staging location. Thankfully our Alliance Leader and another Senior member happened to be on and willing to help stage my entrance. I  was able to move the lot of my supplies in 2 Orca filled jumps. They were also kind enough to let me for some of my supplies at their main operative POS while I go through the long process of anchoring my tower. I’ve decided to hold off the final stage of anchoring until tomorrow as it was getting late when all was finally said and done.

A New Adventure Awaits

So here I am, a year later and still so many new adventures to await! Whatever will year 2 bring? There’s only one way to find out…Number 1, Engage!

They’ve Gone to Plaid!

Well the move was a complete success!

My shiny new Orca, which I’ve dubbed ‘Spaceball 1’ was delivered in the middle of last week. Man is that thing huge! I was able to pack up everything except a single hauler with around 90% room to spare in the hold. I then had to make the trip of 30+ jumps down to our new base in Minimatar space. It wasn’t as painful as I thought, but it’s wasn’t quick by any means.

Since then I’ve been doing my best to settle in to my new surroundings, but alas I feel so out of place. Like I’ve said before I’ve always been in Caldari space, since day-1, so all my standings and Agents and sense of direction are gone now.

To ease in slowly I’ve taken up scanning the local systems. I’ve found a few good bounties and loot, plus it’s helped me know the area better. My next step is going to be running missions to raise the local standing as I really miss my perfect refines and 0% tax rate.

For kicks I decided to fit out an Amarr frigate to see how it handles level 1 missions. Turns out the ammo-less abilities of the Energy turrets are amazing! I’m always dealing with ammo problems and thus I might have found my next set of skill plans. My Caldari missle boats are doing pretty well, but I have no Gunnery training, thus when I go that route I think I’ll head down the Energy Turret tree. My Capacitor skills are nearly maxed so that helps as well.

Does anyone have some suggestions on my thought of cross-training Missles(Caldari) with Energy Turrets(Amarr)? Granted my Shield skills nearly maxed and I have decent Active Armor Tanking skills, but those would also have to be beefed up slightly going with Amarr ships. But the draw of not dealing with ammo reloads again is just too much to pass up!

Zombies Attack!

Well not really, but I just wanted everyone to know that I’m still alive and kicking. Things have been crazy hectic at work this week due to a Release (always seems to be the same excuse eh?) but things are progressing.

A quick recap of what I’ve been doing:

  • The War that Never Was: Turns out our recent WarDec was much ado about nothing. Lots of talk, little action…for better or worse
  • Finish training some Core skills (Navigation, Energy, etc.) and am onto a few quick Trade skills
  • A very friendly and helpful Corp mate has been slowly trying to teach me about the Trade side of EVE, so I’m currently cutting my teeth with that…though I’m wary I’ll just lose my hard earned ISK because I’m so bad at reading the market. Regardless it is another new facet to EVE for me and I want to experience it, so here goes nothing
  • Jump Clone! I finally got my Caldari Navy standing above 8.0 so I can use a Jump Clone. This was more of a priority earlier because of the WarDec, but it’s always good to have access to one
  • Plexing. I’ve been trying my hand and runing complexes in Hi-Sec. I haven’t found much recently, but there have been a number of Expedition extensions yielding a few faction mods, but nothing crazy. I’d like to find a few more lucrative plex’s, but those are just luck of the draw it seems. Does Lo/Null sec yield better results?
  • Invention & Research: I finally got a few skills to connect with Research Agents. I attempted a few simple invention runs, with no success. It’s difficult because I’m so close to the main trade Hub Jita that when I want to make BPC’s for the Invention run the wait is typically over a week…so I need to find a better way to handle those. Regardless it’s good to have a  Research Agent chugging away.

So that’s the quick update. I’d like to jump into some Gunnery training soon, but with all the trading, scanning, Science I’ve been doing that may get pushed off a bit. I’d also like to get into Caldari Cruiser V, Caldari Battleship V and Caldari Industrial V, but those are loooong skills, so we’ll see when they get into the queue.

Fly Safe!