It’s About Time!

…pardon the absence



MMO Resume

I guess in starting I should map out the MMO landscape that I’ve touched over the years. Where I’ve been, where I haven’t. Where I am and where I’m going.

I can’t say I’m a MUD guy, that was slightly before my time. Though I do envy the veterans at times being a part of what would eventually become what we know and love today as MMO’s. No, my first foray into the genre wasn’t through through a MUD, but with UO…Ultima Online.

At the time I had just moved into my own apartment and was going to school. School was tough, but I had plenty of time to invest into my newly found addiction. UO was amazing. And so it began…

I’ve never been a “hardcore” gamer. Sure, I’ve invested countless hours into the craft, but I’ve just never managed to be a part of anything truly greater than myself. a.k.a. – The Solo’er.

Anyways, back on track. After a few years in UO I kind of went into MMO rehab. A couple years off to get started at college, yet I couldn’t stay away forever. I missed the whole Everquest and Acerson’s Call era, though my roommates definitely did not. That piqued my interest yet again, but I was, at the time, to heavily invested in the Blizzard Trinity: Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo, to really jump back on the MMO train. Once I heard of Acerson’s Call II however, I had to dive back in. I can’t say that game was a great success, but I was hooked for awhile at least.

I then spent some time in the beta test for a new twist on the genre, for me anyways. I was accepted to test Planetside and had a great time. The self-proclaimed “first first-person shooter MMO” it was very interesting. Lots of fast paced squad or solo action with a nifty character progression, skill-swapping mechanism. I played through the beta months but never did end up subscribing to the retail release.

I heard rumors of a Star Wars MMO in the works. This became the first MMO that I actually kept vigilant watch over its development. When the day finally came and my Star Wars Gallaxies Collector’s Edition arrived on my doorstep it was pretty hard to contain my excitement. SWG, again, wasn’t a raving success, but I played through it, though not accomplishing much. I loved the complexity of the crafting system and the theme. Unfortunately it just wasn’t polished enough for me and after about 9-12 months I was back on planet earth.

Then, as I was playing through Warcraft III, I learned about another MMO being developed, this time by Blizzard Entertainment. (Anyone still have your Blizzard notepads?) I’d always loved Blizzard games and hoped they would produce something amazing. We all know how that turned out, but anyways…

To bide my time while waiting for WOW, I turned to an older MMO that I’d always wanted to try, but was just to busy playing other games to get to. Dark Age of Camelot. Now that was a fun ride! I was a day late and a dollar short, but the time I had in DAoC was a grand one. Lots of amazing people, places and things to see. That experience brought me back to the glory days of UO and reminded me of how much I loved the genre.

Then WOW. Now I could go off here, but I’m sure many of you reading this (since it is an MMO blog) all have your own stories and experiences to match my own. So you get it. After countless hours, sleepless nights, endless weekends of playing on 2 accounts, all maxed with characters, for almost 5 years…yeah you get the picture. I fell pretty deep into that hole at times, but what a hole it was.

I tried out WAR. Bought a box and paid for 3 months. Played about 1. Just wasn’t there for me.

After weening myself from WOW I’ve moved onto EVE, though I still dabble in Azeroth at times. (I love all the MMO 2-3 letter acronyms. It should be a requirement from here on out. I could probably right a book entirely in acronyms…though the glossary would be longer than the material itself, it might be fun)

I have to say I am really enjoying my time in EVE so far. It’s been about a month and it’s just so different than WOW and nearly any other MMO I’ve played. It has so many things I enjoy and I’ll be expanding on that in a future post, but it’s definitely keeping me busy currently. What skill should I train next…hmm.

So there you have it. Again, I’m by no means a hardcore player and I haven’t experienced it all. I’d like to call myself a veteran, but I’ve missed some of the key building blocks of the genre to be able to say that. I tend to do more research and number crunching on games than actually playing them, but I get by.

So hopefully that is a broad enough overview of my history to get a feel of what I’ve accomplished. My goal of this blog, just like the countless other blogs out there, is simply to use it as an avenue to get my thoughts out there. I tend to ramble…alot, so please just interrupt me when it gets bad. I can’t say I’ll be adding anything truly meaningful to the cause, so please don’t expect any thought provoking pieces, I only wish I could contribute on that level. Alright, I hate walls of text, so let’s get onto more exciting posts (I hope) . Thanks for staying with me this far…